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Q: Are You Legit?
A: Starting Off With a Question That Everyone Will Ask. The Short Answer Is Yes, We Are Legit. Longer Answer, Websites Cost Money To Host And Maintain, If Our Goal Was To Scam People We Would NOT Operate Very Long. And In The Long Term It Would Be An Awful Idea. As a Business, Your Reputation Means Everything, And We Hope To Build a Good Reputation As The Most Reliable Source Of Hockey Ultimate Team NHL Coins In The World Market.
Q: How Do I Know You Are a Legitimate Service?
A: We Established In The FIFA Coins Market Selling Since 2010 And Have Received Millions Of Billions Of Orders So We Have The Experience In Providing You With The Best Service! We Are Always In Stock For NHL And Delivering Everyday So You Won’t Be Waiting For Long For Your Coins Delivery.
Q: Will You Cover EA's 5% Tax ?
A: Unfortunately, No, The Price On Our Site Have Been So Cheap In The World.
So If You Buy 50k Coins Then You Will Receive 47.5k (Due To EA's Unfair Taxing System).
So ( We NOT Cover EA Tax )  , Buy Now Price 500K =Your Order Price 500K
Q: What Payment Options Are Available?
A: Currently We Accept:
Credit Card/Master Card Via Paypal,
Credit Card/Master Card Via Alipay,
Western Union.
Q: How Long Does It Take To Deliver My Coins?
A: We Deliver The Coins As Fast As Humanly Possible! Our Average Delivery Time Is Between 10-30 Minutes! However, It Can Take Slightly Longer On Occasion. 
Q: Can I Get a Refund If My Coins Aren't Delivered Within 24 Hours?
A: Yes Of Course You Can. If For Some Reason We Do Not Manage To Deliver Your Coins To You Within 24 Hours Then Please Email Us Here And Either Request a Full Refund Or Ask For An Update On Where Your Order Is.
Q:What Are The Possible Reasons For Delay?
A: A Delay In Shipping Can Be Due To Various Reasons Such As Technical Errors Like Internet Down, Your Incorrect Or Insufficient Information Provided. Therefore, It Is Very Important That You Supply Us With a Valid Email Address And Phone Number For Contacting.
Q; I Ordered NHL Coins And They Have Been Delivered, Can I Return Them For a Refund?
A: No You Cannot. You'Re Paying For Our Service Of Delivering The Coins That Need Cost, Therefore We Cannot Offer Refund Once Coins Have Been Delivered To The Customer. If You Wish To Request a Refund After You Order But Before We Deliver, Email Us And We Should Be Able To Refund Your Money.
Q: Do Your Prices Change?
A: Yes, They Do. Our Prices Can Rise Or Fall For a Variety Of Different Reasons.
Q: Why Are Your Coins Much Cheaper Than Other Websites?
A: We Have Amazing Relationships With Our Coin Suppliers And Thus Get The Best Prices, This Allows Us To Pass On The Savings To You. 
Q: How Do I Order My Coins?
A: Just Choose The Console And Amount Of Coins You Want To Purchase On The Homepage, Then Checkout With Your Preferred Payment Option. Once Purchased, Your Coins Should Be Delivered Within Minutes! It Is As Simple And Easy As That!
Q:How Do I Buy NHL 15 Coins?
A: Well It's Simple, Once Enter Our Website And Select Either PS3 Coins Or XBOX 360. Select The Amount Of Coins You Wish To Buy, Then You Need To Fill In Your Listed Player Details. Then Review Your Order To Make Sure Everything Is Correct And Then Click Submit To Pay. As Soon As Your Payment Is Completed, We Will Deliver Your Coins Within 30 Minutes Maximum.
Disclaimer And Important Delivery Notice:
(1) Normally , We Would Only Buy Every Player According To Your Order Player Details. Once 
We Have Bought The Player , Your Order Is Completed . 
(2) Our Website Is Not Responsible For All Of The Reasons Because Of Buyer Fill In Incorrect Player Details. If Happens, Buyer Should Take All The Responsibility Himself/Herself. 
2. We Often Preferentially Delivering Coins Of Such Orders :
(1) Western Union Orders With NO WAITING ! NO AUDITING !
(2) Orders That Have Passed Audits And Identity Confirmation
(3) Bigger Orders Like 100+ USD.
Q: What To Do If I Have Not Receive My NHL 15 COINS ?
A: If Not Receive Coins , You Should Check Order Status → Then You Will Know Why Not Receive Coins.
Q: How To Track My Order ? 
A: After Pay , You Can Go To The Register Part (Top/Right Middle Side Of Our Website) Click → My Order.