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EA has confirmed that it will be adding addition modes and content over time in the next version of NHL

Gameplay in a sports game is the main course for any fan. In NHL 15 the gameplay is handled extremely well but can drift far from real life hockey. Goals are satisfying when scored and frustrating when allowed, players have weight and you can tell a bone crunching hit is incoming as you see a big bodied defensemen close down a lane. The NHL 15 puck feels less sticky this time around and will not be glued to a players stick while they complete a deke or spin move. Shooting feels responsive and the game handles really well. The crowd animations are fantastic and the atmosphere each stadium has is believable and adds to the overall experience. Unfortunately scoring goals seems a little silly at times as nearly every single time a break away backhand will go in, hitting can become overly silly as it is impossible to dodge hits and extremely easy to deal out some punishment and finally the goalie AI is absolutely horrendous. 
Goalies will consistently let easy goals through, play the NHL 15 puck when they shouldn’t and give away passes to the opposition consistently. There have been a number of goals I have come across that I know for a fact I could have stopped with no Ice Hockey experience to use. As a result goalies save percentage and goals against average will be absurd and even the best goalies turn into piwi hockey players. Another issue that has always plagued the NHL series is the fact that every player, no matter what rating, always seem to be able to dominate. You can easily make a player rated 57 do exactly the same skills and produce goals at a more efficient rate than Steven Stamkos. There is no personal style to any player and this leaves the game lacking any personality. There is no swagger to P.K Subban’s game, no fear from players when Shea Weber tees up a slapshot and no more intensity to Raffi Torres as he attempts to go and destroy an opposition player. All of these things are what is expected in a sports title, especially while we live in a world with NBA 2K and MLB: The Show.
Prior to release, it was announced that the EASHL mode allowing people to create large club teams online and play together would not be included in the retail copy as the development team wanted to ensure that it was seamless and polished when it was eventually provided to gamers. This was by far one of the most popular game modes in previous entries and provided players with an enjoyable game mode long after the GM or Be a Pro modes became stale. Allowing players to team up with their friends or random others online and each control a position is a terribly enjoyable experience and yet it seems as if it was placed on the back burner in favor of the Hockey Ultimate Team simply because the latter is a potential source of income through optional micro-transactions.

The players still look the same as they did in previous installments, maybe a little improved from last year but not a lot. The main players on each team looks like themselves but other players don’t even come close, as they used the same character models that they have been using. They finally added brand new goal celebrations since they have been using the same ones since 2011. After you celebrate, you hug it out with another player but this looks really bad and unrealistic because when you score they just sit there and wait for the other player to come to them. For example if you score on a break away you will just stand there and wait for them to go to you. It looks really bad and would have been better if you skated towards them, or even have the group hug like in real hockey, we can all dream cant we.
Now, all of that being said, EA has confirmed that it will be adding addition modes and content over time. That is great news for people who want to play the game now and have faith that what will be delivered will repay that faith. September promises a Playoff Mode and the popular EA Ultimate Team will get some updates as well. October has some Online Team Play and GM Draft modes ready to go. You can read about these here on the EA forums, and while these promises are nice, it’s thin ice that EA is standing on in offering what really amounts to some kind of pretty Early Access game.