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EA Sports states they are working to include more features in NHL

In terms of Team Play, Ramjagsingh explained  the feature will make its way to NHL eventually, but there is no time line for release yet. It is rumoured that the mode will only feature real NHL players and teams and won’t allow players to create their own teams/players like in past NHL games. “We’re still working on it. We’ll probably have an announcement on the progress of it. Technically it’s a difficult mode because there are 8-12 players being controlled at once. So we’re going through that process right now and I was playing it last week. We’re getting there with it, hopefully sooner rather than later but we’re trying to get it out as fast as we can,” said Ramjagsingh. Imagine for a moment that a Colton Orr card has a quick-sell value of 306 Pucks, but you see that the last price sold in the auction house is 900 Pucks. Set your starting price to 600 Pucks and your buy now to 800 NHL 15 Pucks. It's not quite as much as someone else got, but it's still between 300 and 500 Pucks that you didn't have in your pockets previously.
Of course, bure is an extreme example, so let's look at something that anyone can try. An easy way to see if players have good chemistry is by the colored bars that connect each player on your team. A red bar indicate poor chemistry, yellow indicates moderately effective chemistry, while green indicates great chemistry. Contrary to what coaches do in real life, playing left-handed players on the right side of the ice and right-handed players on the left side of the ice is actually a smart strategy in NHL 15. Reason being, your players will have an easier time triggering the game's most powerful one-timer animations if their positions are reversed from what they would be at a real hockey rink. For offensive zone face-offs, "flipped" forwards and defensemen will also be in better position to take one stride to the middle of the ice and fire off a quick slapper or wrister on their forehand.

In NHL 15, the height and weight are very important for CUP-controlled goalkeepers, so the large goalkeepers like Dallas' Anders Lindb?ck (6'6”) and Ottawa's Robin Lehner (6'4") are very useful. But a good offense can always defeat the highest-rated goalkeepers, so you don't need to pay much coin on them. If you pay 2500 NHL 15 coins to buy +5 All training cards and one 15-Game Duration, then you can get an cheap goalkeeper like Lindb?ck. Playing on a line with the same skaters every night will create a comfort zone. If the three forwards know each other's tendencies, they will be unpredictable and one step ahead of the defense. That form of non-verbal communication cannot occur with three random players thrusting into action. There is a reason why the Spezza-Heatley-Alfredsson line has been one of the most successful lines in the NHL over the past three seasons. Familiarity breeds success.
Perhaps the biggest omission is that of 6v6 online team play, which is completely missing at launch. This leaves you with the only online options being versus and HUT 15. EA Sports has stated they are working to include these features in the future, but at that point it might be too late. Even with the update, goalie control will not be around, as EASHL will be strictly 5v5 when it gets patched in. All of these omissions make for a very stale and small game that grows boring far too quickly. At first glance it’s easy to begin wondering what EA Sports has spent their time on, and the answer is in the details. Sporting the new-to-NHL Ignite engine, many large-scale improvements have been made. New animations, AI capabilities, physics and other examples of balance and atmosphere come together to create a satisfying sensation of playing the sport. Non-player AI has gotten a welcome overhaul, resulting in less computer mistakes, less predictability and much more synergy between human and AI teammates. The skating mechanics feel more organic than ever, puck physics are greatly improved and the infamous “ice tilt” effects in which momentum perilously affects everything from unfortunate puck bounces to player agility feel almost nonexistent in relation to previous years.
You may ask yourself, "how can this be?" I'm not sure I have a concise answer to that, other than what the game's producers have said publicly. According to NHL 15's lead producer, Sean Ramjagsingh, the Xbox One and PS4 experience isn't done yet and will continue to grow with free add-ons. Over the months of September and October, new modes and features will be added to the game through a series of updates, but it's safe to say that the full $60 value NHLers are used to might not make a full comeback until next year's game, or -- gasp -- further iterations down the road.