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Genshin Impact chat filter bans words

Genshin Impact Acquaint Fate Account Genshin Impact launched just over a week ago and has already amassed a huge following. It achieved a staggering 17 million downloads in its first four days of availability and has shown no signs of slowing down.

 Genshin Impact

The world is in quite a state right now as the matters of censorship and corporate ownership clash especially when it comes to China. As the newest and most head-turning game on the block Genshin Impact has gotten a lot of love for its mix of free-flowing adventure striking characters and slight gambling gacha game element. That said Genshin Impact Acquaint Fate Account for sale as a game from developers on the Chinese mainland Genshin Impact finds itself subject to the rules of the nation from which it came which is probably why people discovered that words like “Hong Kong” and “Taiwan” are banned.

On the section for Genshin Impact on the social media site Reddit a gamer started a discussion under the heading "there's a bug in the game," in which they described not being able to type "Taiwan," "Hong Kong," or "Tibet" in the chat signature or nickname. Most comments took the fatalistic stance that such censorship is to be expected "from a company from country living under cruel dictatorship regime" and that no impact will be felt by the Chinese companies "unless somehow 90% of the player base stops playing."

Ahmad goes on to explain that companies outside China tend to have a Chinese and global version of its games to adhere to all rules.

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