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How NHL 17 reckons the next Entry Draft will play out

NHL 17 is a great game of hockey, but unlike last year, there isn't a standout mode or feature that makes this game substantially better than its predecessor. It rides off a lot of what NHL 16 did, and the new additions don't add anything crucial to the experience. It's still a lot of fun to trade players in Franchise, build a formidable roster in Hockey Ultimate Team, and actually play matches.  Madden NFL 17 has only been on the market since August and EA Sports has already released its third title update for the football title. This update fixes numerous issues still lurking in the game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
NHL 17 doesn’t factor the joining Las Vegas franchise into the draft, so in the prediction we’ve made adjustments accordingly. What was also mentioned during the season from the Amateur Scout was that this year’s draft class is seen as slightly weaker than usual. So, without further adieu, here is how NHL 17 reckons the next Entry Draft will play out. Now remember, this is just a simulated game, and whilst anything can happen in hockey, this draft order looks particularly suspect. Dallas Stars as the third worst team in league, with the Washington Capitals as the tenth worst stick out the most. Whilst Dallas’ inconsistent and weak goaltender tandem could very well pull them down into the bottom half of the table, something would have to go very wrong for last season’s Presidents’ Trophy winners, the Washington Capitals, to sink that low.
Here’s the selection order for 2017, so sayeth NHL 17.
1. Vancouver Canucks, 2. Arizona Coyotes, 3. Dallas Stars, 4. Las Vegas, 5. Carolina Hurricanes, 6. Boston Bruins, 7. Winnipeg Jets, 8. Detroit Red Wings, 9. Columbus Blue Jackets, 10. Washington Capitals, 11. Toronto Maple Leafs, 12. New Jersey Devils, 13. Calgary Flames, 14. Florida Panthers, 15. Anaheim Ducks, 16. Colorado Avalanche, 17. New York Rangers, 18. Edmonton Oilers, 19. St. Louis Blues, 20. Minnesota Wild, 21. New York Islanders, 22. Buffalo Sabres, 23. Montreal Canadiens, 24. Los Angeles Kings, 25. Tampa Bay Lightning, 26. Philadelphia Flyers, 27. Nashville Predators, 28. Ottawa Senators, 29. Chicago Blackhawks, 30. San Jose Sharks, 31. Pittsburgh Penguins.
During the season leading up to this 2017 NHL Entry Draft on the game, the Vancouver Canucks finished rock bottom whilst the San Jose Sharks and Pittsburgh Penguins once again battled it out in the Stanley Cup Final. Sidney Crosby and co. once again took home the silverware. In case you didn’t know, Las Vegas will be given the same odds in the NHL Draft Lottery as the team who places third in the overall standings. So, if all goes to plan, they’ll be picking third or fourth overall in the 2017 draft. For the sake of this article, let’s assume that they get the fourth overall pick. So far, every NHL team has their own first round pick for the upcoming draft, so they’ll all be picking from where they place.