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How The NHL 18 Team Pick Players In NHL Entry Draft

It’s acknowledged that EA Sports pays much attention on The NHL Entry Draft year after year without any slack. As a big annual event, NHL Entry Draft draws plenty of crowds. Undoubtedly, NHL players are looking forward to the coming of NHL 18 Entry Draft, since it’s one of the most important access to join NHL team for NHL lovers, who meet the requirements set by NHL. There a age limitation for players from different countries, such as, players from North American range 18 from 20, players from European or international are 18 to 21.

Often, the NHL Entry Draft will be hold within three months after completing the former game, so players have enough time to make full preparation. HUT team usually take turns to pick  amateur players, most of those players come from youth or college alliances and professional players from the European leagues. For those who have been selected are overjoyed to cry, since they had made great effort for this draft for more than a year.
I’m assure you will ask me how to chose those super star?
The answer is they pick up young players in sequential order. In the first round draft, the order depends on the draft draw. Starting from the second round, the ranking and the Playoffs performance decide the order of selection.
This year The New Jersey Devils get No.1 overall pick. The Philadelphia Flyers and The Dallas Stars get No.2 and No.3 overall pick respectively.
How does the NHL Draft Lottery work?
At theend of the season, there are 14 teams that didn’t make the playoffs. They all get thrown into one pot, regardless oftheir division or conference and get sorted by their point totals. Now, eachteam gets assigned odds to win the 1st overall pick. The worst team has a 20%chanceto win, whilst the best non-playoff team has a 1% chance to win.
The odds are a little different this year with The Vegas Golden Knights in the mix. They'llget the same odds as the 28th-place NHL team, The Arizona Coyotes, who have10.321 percent odds of winning first overall.
Now you may want to ask that why do NHL need this thing?

The answer simple: To maintain theleague parity. They want every team to be in the playoff hunt as long as possible, and therefore every fan base invested in hockey for as long aspossible.
It is worth mentioning that Nolan Patrick, drafted 2nd in this years lottery draft has become a member of the BAUER family!
Last year, Auston Matthews also joined BAUER family after the NHL Entry Draft. On the back of his excellent performance this season he won the Calder Memorial Trophy as the league's best rookie!
Let us look forward the performance of this dazzling star in the next season!

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