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Multiple updates to both human and AI goalies in NHL 17

Recently the most exciting news about NHL 17 is the world cup of hockey simulation. It is almost time to drop the puck at the World Cup of Hockey. With one of the year’s biggest competitions about to begin, EA SPORTS NHL is simulating it to see who will be crowned the World Cup of Hockey champion for the first time in 12 years. Actually it’s a mode in NHL 17. NHL 17 has added new mode in the former features and high standards. All-new game modes, new and deeper experiences in fan-favorite modes, and the best on-ice gameplay ever make NHL 17 the most exciting EA SPORTS NHL game to date, including the draft championship mode and the World Cup ice hockey mode, and there is also a business model which allows players to control their own management of the ice hockey team to play the game.  
Apart from these, what’s new in NHL 17? Using the Ignite engine developed by Electronic Arts, NHL 17 features gameplay improvements in terms of artificial intelligence and physics. May the new engine always improves the game greatly. NHL 17 is also better. In the demo video we found that in addition to the similar player control mode with PES, and closer to the lens of the individual big shot from time to time , NHL 17 actually also has a fight plot! This gives people a sense of reality - such physical contact with the movement, how could there be no friction, disputes and brawl it?
You would get a new game experience in NHL 17. There have been multiple updates to both human and AI goalies. Fixes have been made to the conditions around goalie interference for more accurate penalty calling. New controlled glove saves have been added when the goalie is in good position. AI goalie logic has also been improved, allowing them to track shooters as they cut across the net and adapt to sharp angle shots better.
Human goalies received both save logic and functionality updates. Save logic for human goalies has been improved when shots are near their body versus when they have to reach for them to help goalies who are in better position and hinder goalies who stay back in their net. Additionally, human goalie save logic has been improved so goalies will not go into desperation saves unless they are already moving or need to stretch to make the save.
Human goalies now have better abilities to resolve save attempts on a deflection as well as be able to cover the puck when in possession of it on their stick or in their glove.  Among other changes, there has also been added functionality when going directly from set to butterfly post lean and increased responsiveness in precision movement.