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NHL 15 forgoes character models instead using prerecorded green screen footage

While there are NHL 15 gameplay refinements and graphical upgrades in the games themselves it’s distressing to see less content on an ostensibly more powerful platform. For what its worth EA has promised to address some of the missing NHL 15 features in updates, but it seems an odd strategy to release an incomplete product and then bring it to 100% afterwards. While the NHL 15 player impacts have been improved for the better, it is not as easy to say the same for the puck physics. The puck reacts of NHL 15 to almost everything on the ice which in one sense makes it incredibly realistic, but because of this it is also painfully easy to lose the NHL 15 puck or fail to pick it up as you skate past, making NHL 15 lose a significant amount of realism as takeaways and giveaways are not this common in reality. Watching a NHL 15 puck deflect off of a goalie or player is satisfying as everything responds as you would expect and it can lead to some incredible goals, but having to watch in horror as your player fails to pick up the NHL 15 puck two feet away, leaving it for your opponent to scoop up is a fate you will inevitably fall victim to on several occasions.
The dekes of NHL 15 have been improved as you can now make 45 degree cuts and turns. It feels very smooth and pretty easy to complete if you have the right NHL 15 players. There are full player collisions which add realism like no other as each hit is different than the other. The NHL 15 puck can also be on edge which will mess up your shot or even hit patches of ice in the rink and take funny bounces. Playing defense is not the same as it used to be since the addition of cuts as you have to square up against the oncoming player in order to make sure your not out of position. If you try and make that big hit there is a good chance you will miss and the player will have a one on one with the goalie.

The highly popular “Be a GM (Game Master)” mode in NHL 15 has had many of its useful features removed. Scouts now have full control over your draft, with no input from the player. The fantasy draft option has also been removed from the game. Classic 6-v-6 online team multiplayer has also been removed from the game. EA Sports have stated that they plan to patch this in in the future, however, it will be in a more limited form than in the past and certainly should have been in the game at launch. The Kings and Rangers are scoreless late in the third period. Marian Gaborik scoops the puck from his own zone and speeds down the left side boards, crossing to the middle of the ice at the blue line. Splitting two Ranger defensemen with a quick deke, he breaks in all alone on Henrik Lundqvist. Lifting a backhander past him, the Kings break the tie. Doc Emrick screams “Score!” as the camera pans to a fan holding a “It’s Gaborik Time” sign. There is more control in dekes, as you can make turns and dekes with two thumbsticks, instead of being limited to one or the other. Try using Mikhail Grabovski on a breakaway, and it’s like combining cuts and juking in Madden.
There isn't online team play in NHL 15. Operation Sports has listed every mode that is absent from NHL 15 and it's LONG. So, even when it does get patched on, you won't be able to play as your own player and slowly improve him. This sucks, and makes me not even want to play the mode, so what's the difference? I'm not even sure where to go from here. As I previously stated, no matter how egregious it is to leave out something like EASHL, I can understand why; it's most likely something that's more involved and intensive during the development process.
The NBC presentation style is well done, with Doc Emrick and Eddie Olczyk in the booth with Ray Ferraro adding insight in the game from between the benches. Instead of following suite with Madden, NHL 15 forgoes character models, instead using prerecorded green screen footage to give the illusion of them being in each arena. The play-by-play has been improved, but that isn’t saying much, as phrases are often repeated. I’m sure someone can write something other than “he caddy cornered that one” every time the puck is dumped into a corner.