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NHL 16 will bring back numerous features and gameplay modes that were missing

EA has released a long list of features for NHL 16, some of which are upgrades and returning features from NHL 15. This includes the return of the EA Sports Hockey League, the 6-vs-6 online team play mode, as well as local couch co-op. did a brief write-up on the features for NHL 16, including the new on-ice training tool that will help newbies and veterans alike get acquainted with the old and new content in the upcoming hockey simulator. As mentioned, EA Sports is bringing back content that was removed in the NHL 15 rendition of the game on the Xbox One and PS4. 
Built with more input from our fans than ever before, NHL 16 steps onto the ice to deliver ways to compete as a team, new features across the most played single-player modes, gameplay innovation at every position on the ice and an unrivalled game day atmosphere. We know we can’t talk about team without mentioning the EA SPORTS Hockey League. This fan favorite mode has been reimagined to deliver a competitive and balanced experience. We’re removing the progression grind, that our fans told us created an unbalanced online experience, in favor of a new player class system. These player classes will be tuned to play together, each bringing their own strengths to the ice. The new EA SPORTS Hockey League is all about putting together the right mix of classes to support your team’s playing style, and then stepping on to the ice and letting your skill, not ratings, be the differentiator between being good and being great.

EA Sports' NHL 16, launching in September, will bring back numerous features and gameplay modes that were missing from the series' disappointing Xbox One and PlayStation 4 debut, but previous-generation consoles will get little more than a reconditioned release of last year's game, with updated rosters and player uniforms. That product, called NHL Legacy, will also be available in September. NHL Legacy "brings together the most popular modes and award-winning gameplay features from nine years of NHL hockey," according to the game's website. FIFA 14 and FIFA 15, also developed at the EA Canada studio, each received a roundly criticized "Legacy Edition" on Wii that delivered the same game as the year before with no new features or modes.
The transition of the NHL videogame series to Playstation 4 and XBox One last year wasn’t the smoothest. EA Sports released NHL 14 on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 only, allowing them extra time to gear up for launch on the next generation consoles. It was a disaster. Modes were missing only for some to be patched in later. All in all, it was a terrible experience for the consumer and the lack of inclusion of the EA Sports Hockey League, a popular online mode, really hurt the franchise with some fans. NHL 16 will be incorporated with features like New EASHL, Different ways of competition, Play online mode, You can play the role of GM, Play as a professional, Single player feature, Ice training visuals, Superb control as never before, defined skating, fast puck pickups, Play with superstars, Real graphics and many more to experience. If you are really curious to play the NHL 16, you need to wait till September, as it is announced that NHL 16 will release somewhere in that month on the platform of PS4 and Xbox One.
Friends if you have any question related to NHL 16 game, you can ask it directly on official NHL 16 ask portal. Also there you will find many question already asked by fans and have been answered by the development team. This is really a great move by EA, answering all question & doubts of fans directly. And NHL 16 is due for release on the Xbox One and PS4 this September.