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NHL 17 brings hockey fans new game experience

NHL 16 which is released by EA on the Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms has used the new teams set, but in other aspects, it's not obvious compared to NHL 15. A year ago, EA Sports’ hockey franchise bounced back, getting up to speed with current-gen consoles and delivering a plethora of modes and a terrific on-ice experience. NHL 16 was a well-rounded game, one that erased the bad taste left from the bare-bones NHL 15, delivering a revitalized package headed by the online experience of the EASHL. NHL 17 will give players more free gaming experience through the most fit the current trend of deeper game modes. 
The new works of EA's "North American Hockey League career" NHL 17 is the 26th installment in the NHL game series and was released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles on September 13, 2016 in North America and September 15 in Europe. Those holdovers are joined by two new modes, both of which bring their own intrigue. We’re coming off the World Cup of Hockey, and that’s represented in NHL 17. It’s not a name-only representation, either; EA works hard to deliver a stylized presentation befitting international competition.
Even better than that is Draft Champions, a new mode that tasks you with winning four straight games, either against A.I. or online, with a team you build through a team-based draft. That may mean drafting from a pool of youngsters, or a pool of players only in the Eastern Conference. It’s a tiny constraint that puts a twist on fantasy-themed drafting, and it’s terrific fun. NHL 17 has added new mode in the former features and high standards. 
All-new game modes, new and deeper experiences in fan-favorite modes, and the best on-ice gameplay ever make NHL 17 the most exciting EA SPORTS NHL game to date, including the draft championship mode and the World Cup ice hockey mode, and there is also a business model which allows players to control their own management of the ice hockey team to play the game.   In short, EA is ambitious for NHL 17 and they claim that they intended to create a largest and most exciting hockey gameby far. It is worthy to mention that, an open multiple vote took place to find the cover athlete for the game.