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NHL 17 Update 2: Goaltender Fixes, New Goal Celebrations Added

Sometimes the annual installment of a sports game feels like a brand new experience, sometimes it feels like same thing, different year. NHL 17 is the 26th instalment in EA’s puck-slapping series, and the third edition on current-gen machines after the series launched for PS4 and Xbox One with NHL 15. NHL 17 is a great game of hockey, but unlike last year, there isn't a standout mode or feature that makes this game substantially better than its predecessor. It rides off a lot of what NHL 16 did, and the new additions don't add anything crucial to the experience. It's still a lot of fun to trade players in Franchise, build a formidable roster in Hockey Ultimate Team, and actually play matches.
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NHL 17 1.04 Update Patch:New gameplay and be a pro

This week, EA Sports announced the release of Content Update 2 for NHL 17. This is the first patch for the hockey title since the game’s launch and while the last update fixed major issues, this patch is more of a cosmetic update than anything. The biggest fix came in regards to goaltender play. I counted 12 different fixes to goaltending that is addressed in this patch and it ranges from getting a goalie unstuck after being hit in the butterfly position to fixing the save logic  for wraparounds and near post passes. In NHL 17 or any hockey game for that matter, it is important that the goaltending is reliable within the game. If the goaltending has glitches or weird quirks, it could throw a game off and make the game not playable anymore.
EA Sports and its multiple fixes to goaltending may have saved this game from the used game bin at Gamestop. Also included inside Patch 1.04 for NHL 17 is a couple of fixes for Franchise mode. It is said that it’s the little things that sports gaming fans look for and EA Sports had to fix the ability to name captains. One of the major tenets of hockey is deciding who your captains will be and players could not name them until this patch. The patch also fixed the arena capacities issues that were popping up and the overall stability of the mode.
The big addition to NHL 17 inside this update is 11 new goal celebrations. Similar to the FIFA franchise, EA Sports puts a lot of emphasis on the celebrations and NHL 17 is no exception. This title update features celebrations that you would (maybe?) see in normal NHL games you watch on TV, including The Bench Press, what appear to be the old Ray Lewis Dance and I’m pretty sure what looks like The Dougie. I mean who doesn’t want to see John Tavares do The Dougie after scoring a goal for the New York Islanders?