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NHL 18: Features Wishlist On PS4, Xbox One, PS3 And Xbox 360

Since the last version of the ice hockey team has been in decline, EA sports team has been working to improve the new version. Although NHL 17 has already been a great series, fans tend to have more expectations yearly. The addition of slider into the 17th edition has always been a wise decision, People are looking forward to breaking through the current thinking and make it the best hockey game ever.


So here, we can quickly browse the wishlist based on the recommendations and expectations from fans.

Defensive AI

The CPU and Human Defensive AI can be worked learning, short blocking frequency, tie up frequency and Board play frequency. Also, there can be an increase in the Goalie puck cover frequency where if a Goalie is threatened by the opponent Player it can quickly make a face-off and puck cover for that what we need is),CPU teammates diving frequency (for blocking breakaways).


For the Goal keepers we can have attribute bonus, open shot bonus, breakaway slider, 5 hole, glovehand, butterfly, blocker etc. This would work for better persistence for the Goal keepers and screen adjustment can also be worked out in that concern, because what usually happens is Goalie being in the vicinity of the net and yet not focusing the screen, so that should not be the case.

Attribute effects

The game can have different attribute effects for sliders in respective categories or to put in simple words we can have two different categories and the attributes effects can be different for the offensive awareness and defensive awareness accordingly to the situation. And there can be yet another slider for Goalie where he can quickly recover a rebound or blocked shot. Another suggestion is to have the slider split between the forwards and the defense-men depending on their fatigue rate.

CPU and HUMAN Features

The CPU and HUMAN features can be manipulated with much more exciting features to make it convenient for the players while dealing with AI. The features that need to be updated in the CPU and HUMAN are wrist shot power; wrist shot accuracy, one timer power and one timer accuracy.

Other Small Modifications

There is a list of some small modifications that can be made into the game to make it more thrilling, engrossing and fascinating for the fans, let us specify those items like-Hustle effect 0-100 (at 0, hustle has no effect at all),Stick Collision Detection 0-100 (at 100, it means full collision), Shot Blocking 0-100, Goalie Pass Speed 0-100,Goalie Pass Accuracy 0-100, Goalie Out Of Crease Frequency 0-100 (frequency at which the goalie plays the puck out of his crease),Goalie Interference (penalty) 0-100.

This is all I have experienced, but i hope the wishlist will continue, because people's expectation on this game is not over. You can share your wishlist in the comments below.