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Outriders that is constantly pinning you down in open areas littered with chest-high walls

It's almost hard to believe that Outriders shipped with the same studio logo on the box, because it looks like the bland shooter that Bulletstorm's meathead characters would make fun of. It's a surprisingly shallow looter shooter that tries very hard to look like Destiny and play like Gears of War. But honestly, I'd rather replay any of the games I've already mentioned than spend more time on Enoch.

The core action-oriented gameplay and diverse pool of unique class abilities ensured plowing through hordes of enemies remained engaging and satisfying throughout the entire 30+ hour campaign, even though Outriders suffers from a severe lack of distinct enemy variety. The moments of undeniable greatness buried under the rough layers of middling sci-fi exposition are why I see myself continuing to play this game for quite some time.

It's hard to pin down Outriders, a game that's constantly pinning you down in open areas littered with chest-high walls. It shines when it leans into how it was marketed: as a bloody, messy, foul-mouthed looter shooter that lets you beat the piss out of aliens. However, Outriders has so many other moving parts that make it muddier than the majority of its landscapes.

But the real good stuff comes as you find and build better gear, and here Outriders makes some smart adjustments to the traditional looter-shooter formula. Its World Tiers, which are Outriders’ 15 difficulty levels, are a good workaround for insurmountable challenge spikes that might discourage you in other co-op loot grinds, and its crafting options offer a wide range of character builds.

That said, for every smart twist, there’s also a frustrating drawback. I really appreciate how the crafting system simplifies the process of modding your gear compared to other loot-heavy adventures, and the variety of easy-to-swap mods offers a lot of flexibility to adjust your build.

Outriders' baffling pacing problem doesn't help either. Besides a few genuinely exciting set piece boss fights, every single level is a sprint from one cordoned-off arena to the next with the occasional exposition over radio between—which is a shame, because the environments that fill the skybox outside of the playable zones are breathtaking on a regular basis.

Another glaring problem with Outriders is the frustrating amount of inconsistency. From sound design to environmental details, the level of quality demonstrated throughout the game wildly differs from instance to instance. Some locations are brimming with creativity and passion. Dense jungles littered with foliage and even landmark skulls of prehistoric beasts proudly demand attention and respect. HOwever, for every stunning environment there's an equally ugly and empty one, especially early on. Lumber yards, rock quarries, and dull, muddy landscapes permeate a large percentage of the game making the first half fairly unpleasant to look at.

When everything’s running smoothly, Outriders has wickedly fun combat, interesting world and creature design, and a broad set of cool powers and customizable gear going for it - especially when you’re playing with friends, so it’s definitely worth putting up with some of the clunky interfaces, and lackluster sci-fi story. However, the current technical issues - particularly that nasty inventory-deleting bug - make investing the hours required to see all of its colorfully bizarre sci-fi world has to offer a big risk. is providing Cheap and fast Outriders Boosting service. Cheap price and fast delivery! team provides 24/7 customer support. In addition, you can buy cheap Outriders Boosting with safe payment methods, your privacy safety guaranteed here.