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Rocket League Players Are Not Happy with High Blueprint Cosmetic Microtransaction Prices

What should have been the best update of the year turned into a nightmare for Rocket League fans. With the blueprint update, Rocket League did away with RNG by replacing loot crates with blueprints (guaranteed unlocks where you know what you’re spending money on) and the item shop. But where the news of this update was met with praise and enthusiasm months ago, the community is now up in arms about the outrageous prices Psyonix has set for the items.

A Fennec will cost 1200 credits while the Infinium wheels cost 1400 credits. The smaller items range from 100 credits to 500 credits. By going to the eShop, players can purchase 500 credits for $4.99, 1,100 for $9.99, 3000 for $24.99, and 6500 for $49.99. If a player wanted to get the wheels, they’d need to spend roughly $17 to get 1500 credits. There are other items of rarer quality that cost more credits.

If players had keys leftover on their accounts prior to the update, they should have found them being worth 100-130 credits each when they transferred over. When keys were in action, it cost $4.99 for 5 keys. This does mean that 1 key equals roughly 100 credits. The difference here is that, if a player used the 5 keys just to open 5 crates, they’d get a total of 5 items from a random drop. The new item shop system means that items come with varying prices, which means single items can now be more than what a single key was worth.

One user showed a black market decal available to unlock for 2200. Some exotic wheels came up as 2300 credits. Another user noticed painted items are double the price of the standard items. While it costs real money to get credits, users who purchase the Rocket Pass 5 will be gifted credits at certain stages as they level up through the Premium levels in a similar way to how Premium users gained a free key as they ranked up through the tiers.

This update may have been a way for Psyonix to turn a profit, but it also may be an attempt to move away from the equally hated, and now in certain cases illegal, loot boxes. Chance-based cosmetic systems have been under fire over the past few years, as they are now considered a form of gambling under many laws. Entire franchises have sunk due to their inclusion of pay-to-win loot box systems, (just look at what happened with Star Wars Battlefront II back in 2017) so it would make sense Psyonix would want to distance itself from such controversies to a certain extent. Either way, gamers are not happy with the current state of Rocket League's cosmetics system, and have noticed a trend toward capitalistic cash-grabbing in some of their favorite games. Games are expensive to make, and developers have to foot the bill somehow, especially in a live game they have to upkeep. However, it's definitely upsetting how some game studios have displayed their drive for making money so shamelessly, rather than putting energy into listening to their players. Moreover, provides Cheap Rocket League Items for players. As an online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve received great reputation for our reliable service.