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Rocket League's new Item Shop and Blueprints get a price reduction

Rocket League ditched its paid crate system in favor of Blueprints recently, touting a higher transparency that will show customers exactly what they're getting. Unfortunately, the change has not been received well by the game's community--as it turns out, many prices were massively inflated in the new update, making it much harder to get your hands on loot in the game.

In light of this, developer Psyonix has changed the pricing in the item shop, drastically lowering the cost of the objects you can build from Blueprints. Furthermore, customers who have already spent money on Blueprints have been issued a partial refund equal to the price difference between what they paid and what the items cost now.

The Blueprints were intended to be a means of more transparency, allowing players to directly acquire a customization item as opposed to just rolling the dice with a straight loot draw. Instead, players were skeptical that spending $20 on a single, specific item as opposed to $20 on 20 random chances with loot crates was really a deal in their favor. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Rocket League blueprints, you can visit our website

In the new price schedule, rare items will cost 50 to 100 credits; very rare items are 100 to 200 credits, import-class items are 300 to 500 credits, and exotic items are 700 to 800 credits. Furthermore, the paint and special edition modifiers to an item will also add less to the blueprint’s cost. The burnt sienna color adds no additional credits, titanium white is 100 to 500 extra credits, special editions are 200 to 400 extra credits, and “most paint colors” are 50 to 200 additional credits.

If you spent Credits to craft Blueprints between December 4 and December 11, you'll automatically be refunded Credits to make up for the difference between the old price and the new price. This won't be the end of post-loot box drama. Even as games like Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cling to them, loot boxes are on the way out overall—especially with some countries regulating them like gambling—and the transition will undoubtedly meet more bumps and derailments along the way.