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Temtem has opened a new location in its latest patch

The world of Temtem has opened a new location in its latest patch that should be pretty enticing to those who are at the top end and seeking the right critters for their team. Introducing the Saipark, a new natural preserve on the game’s archipelago and the headline feature of version 0.5.12.

The Saipark will have two different species of Temtem each week, both with increased chances of being Luma (rare color variants of an existing critter, or “shinies” in Pokemon parlance), having egg moves, or having guaranteed minimum SVs. Capturing the monsters in this particular area can’t be done with regular Temcards, but only with special Saicards. Players who pay the fee to enter the Saipark are given a pack of these Saicards by default. This fee and the number of Saicards granted will be changing every week based on rarity of the Tems in the preserve. More Saicards can be purchased, but the fee to do so will increase each time. Additionally, Saicards will only be good during the week, with the weekly resent happening every Monday. If you are in lack of Temtem Pansun, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

To gain access to Saipark, players will need to purchase special Temcards called Saicards. They’re valid for just that week and work only within the park. Players will need to pay an initial fee to enter the park and get a pack of Saicards. They will also be able to buy more Saicards during the week however, the fee gets more expensive each time.

The Player’s Vault, that can be accessed from each big Temporium, will serve as additional storage for items between resets. Promo code purchases will also be directed to the Vault.

Simply put, the Saipark is analogous to the Safari Zone from the Pokemon games with the addition of having special creatures inside rather than just a few species of Pokemon. It's not the only change that's coming, though!