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The Burning Crusade Classic Pre-Expansion Patch, which is now available

TBC Pre-Expansion - Champions of Azeroth can begin preparing for the adventures that await them in Outland and the new features and content coming with the Burning Crusade Classic Pre-Expansion Patch, which is now available!

In February of this year, Blizzard said the team would want to include modern group finder facilities (as seen on retail servers) in the Burning Crusade Classic LFG tool. Since then, Blizzard hasn't really mentioned anything about this possible feature, but some eagle-eyed players have discovered that cross-realm features not available for retail in Burning Crusade are possible prior to patch. Whether these features were inadvertently made available prior to the patch is currently unknown, but we'll likely learn more when Burning Crusade Classic officially launches on June 1st.

Digital packages and optional services:
Digital Packs and Optional Services: These optional services and extras are now on sale in the store for players to begin their Outland adventures in style and reach the level required to traverse the Dark Portal when it opens on June 1.

This includes:
  •     Dark Portal Pass: Players can use this pass to raise a character to level 58 (limit of one per account, cannot apply to new races, only available in realms of Burning Crusade Classic) and receive equipment, a mount , consumables and a little gold: everything you need to launch through the Dark Portal on the launch date.
  •     The Burning Crusade Classic pre-expansion patch is now available.
  •     Deluxe Edition: Includes the Dark Portal Pass, 30 days of playtime, a Revived Phase Hunter mount for Burning Crusade Classic and the highest fidelity Veridian Phase Hunter mount for modern WoW players, a Portal Hearthstone Dark and Illidan's Path toy.
  •     Character Clone: ‚Äč‚ÄčThis optional service allows you to create a copy of a WoW Classic character on a Burning Crusade Classic server and an Era of Classic server.

Another novelty is the Pass of the Black Portal, which offers the upgrade of a character in a Burning Crusade Classic realm to level 58, with the limit of one per account and not being able to be a bloody elf or draenei. The pass even grants you a mount, equipment, consumables and a little gold to get you started on your journey.

This, we remember, offers to those who buy it:
  •     Apprentice competence in Riding
  •     Rare mount specific to its race
  •     Weapon proficiency up to level 58
  •     Access to some air routes
  •     A level 58 magical (green) armor set
  •     Up to four "Huge Brown Bag" (12 compartments each)
  •     A little gold to start the adventure

Burning Crusade Classic will be available in Brazil from June 1st at 19h (Brasília time).

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