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The World of Warcraft Classic will move into the next phase this year

The World of Warcraft Classic is only a little over a month old, but in the MMO community this means it's been around forever. Most avid players have already reached the highest levels and beat the last bosses Ragnaros and Onyxio. Well, some fanatics made it less than a week after the release, but let's leave the extremes aside.

It's time for new content. Blizzard said earlier in the release that the WoW Classic will receive 6 different phases in which players will be greeted with new content. Game director Ion Hazzikostas has now clarified their plans a bit and according to his plans, the next phase is expected to be out before the end of this year.

wow classic

He also stated that this depends on some technical factors, where layering technology is most important. This has been used since its release and splits players into different game layers on each server so that not everyone crashes in just one world, which could result in server downtime. Layering also has a downside, as two players can play on the same server, but since each of them is sitting on its own layer, it is not necessary for them to see each other.

Blizzard is slowly eliminating these layers and some servers already have only one layer. We would like to get to this point on all servers when the next phase comes, bringing with it a new raid of Dire Maul and bosses of Kazzak and Azuregos. Ion said he wanted to have only one Kazzak in the game, and no more copies of him to be on different layers. This is the main goal of the game - a more “real” world, and “layering” plays a key role in it.

WoW Classic players can look forward to new content and nothing would be surprised if it came out just in time for Christmas.

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