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United Front Games is shutting down its Sleeping Dogs spin-off Triad Wars

The free-to-play online game Triad Wars, a follow-up to the 2012 action game Sleeping Dogs, was announced in the fall of 2013 and went into closed beta earlier this year. Chris spent some time with it and came away reasonably impressed, saying that while the beta was very limited in scope, he could "definitely sense some promise" in it. Alas, that promise may not be achieved, as the beta is being closed down. By the way, is the professional Triad Wars Gold store. We promise that our gold is 100% safe and cheapest.

"Since the start of the Triad Wars Closed Beta this year, diligent Enforcers have run rampant through the streets of Hong Kong, killing rivals and building Empires. During this time we have gathered immense amounts of feedback, information, and data on the game," developer United Front Games announced today. "We’ve loved seeing how you’ve played Triad Wars but we know it wasn’t right for many of you so we’re letting you know today that we are going to close the beta and service on January 20th 2016 at 12 p.m. Pacific Standard Time."

Like many free-to-play online games, Triad Wars allowed players to purchase gold with real world money, which could then be used to purchase in-game items and upgrades. The studio has also said it will be offering full refunds to players who purchased gold this month and reportedly to players who have unused gold. The offer does not appear to extend to anyone who has purchased gold prior to December 2015, according to a second post on the Triad Wars forums. If you want to Buy Triad Wars Items, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

Meanwhile, Triad Wars was never intended to be story-based at all and instead focused on repetitive beat-em-up mechanics and MMO-like progression. Also, while Triad Wars was billed as a multiplayer game, there was actually little to no interaction between players, as the gameplay involved fighting hordes of nameless NPCs rather than other players.

In Triad Wars, gold was a currency that players could use to buy customization and Favor packs. Players initially had to purchase gold with real money, but the developer has now made it available free of charge until the game's closure. The studio also said it will be posting more information on how to get refunds for unused Gold in the near future. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy Triad Wars Accounts from at a reasonable price.