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Webzen launches mobile MMORPG R2M official service

R2M Diamonds Top Up Webzen announced on May 20 2020 that the title of the new MMORPG for smartphones under development has been decided to be "R2M (R2 Mobile)". It has been released in South Korea in the second half of 2020.

'R2M' is the main content of the original ('R2'),'Large-scale Siege,' and'Player versus Player (PvP)' in various battlefields as well as'Transformation' to change its appearance and gain additional stats. System' etc. have been implemented on mobile to inherit the authenticity of'R2'.

And Webzen is currently conducting more than 15 “abnormal game users sanctions” so that members of “R2M” can use the game smoothly and victims of good faith do not occur. In addition it is preparing for a long-term box office by continuously increasing new servers to accommodate the rapidly increasing number of subscribers.

Active participation and reporting of game users play an important role in creating a healthy game environment. Webzen is also thoroughly investigating reports received through the'Inquiry/Report' bulletin board of the'R2M' official community.

In addition there will be a'GRAND OPEN' attendance event a launch commemorative badge acquisition event and a community event that presents a Google gift card such as'Show off my cool character' which shows off the character of'R2M'.

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