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What’s Your Imagination of the Upcoming NHL 18: The Celebration Way and Open World

Recently there has been a hot discussion of the wish list of NHL 18. As an excellent hockey game, NHL always has its own supporters and topics especially among North Americans. Actually, it is a game for some people and some places. It is a kind of art to some degree. Because the sliding activities of hockey players are really delectable for you to watch. So players or audience have their own imagination of NHL 18.

NHL 18-wish list

The Ways to Celebrate 
Most of players enjoy ways to celebrate in NHL 17. They claimed that it is fantastic for you to race to the guy who scored with their teammates. This will be a pleasant sliding. Furthermore, the hug is really exciting too. Because sometimes it will be difficult for a well-timed hug between the two guys when they are on the ice. They need to fully control themselves to do it successfully. However, they hope for a 5 men hug for NHL 18 now. They think it will make them more happy after that.
/NHL 18-hug
An Open World to NHL 18
Some players have made full use of their imagination. They even want group cellies after a goal. I guess they want to communicate with each other to enjoy their glory. Then there will be dialogues. So developers of NHL 18 need to collect some information for those words to express one’s joy. Will be it be a new fashion? In addition, some made complaints that it always top to tell injury. On the one hand, they will feel ashamed of themselves. On the other hand, it will also be a waste of time. They don’t want to spend time on this part in NHL 18 any more. I guess it will be improved in the upcoming NHL 18. Wonderful hockey games are going to welcome their new member: NHL 18. And our website will always keep up with time. Now we provide you with cheap HUT 18 coins although the game is not available to us now. You can store them in advance and you will have no troubles with NHL 18 coins in the later season. Please choose us for the safe payment and quick disposal.