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About How To Buy NHL 15 PUCKS On PS4 , Please See Below:
1). Re-Check And Make Sure Of Your Server( PS/XBOX ).
2). In The Next Page,Please Fill In Your Incorrect Contact Information.
3). Fill In Your 100% Correct Player Details So That We Can Deliver Coins To Your Unique Player.
4). Then Click "    BUY NOW    " To Pay.
  • NHL 15 Pucks PS4
    50 K = $5.53
  • NHL 15 Pucks PS4
    100 K = $11.05
  • NHL 15 Pucks PS4
    200 K = $22.05
  • NHL 15 Pucks PS4
    300 K = $33.01
  • NHL 15 Pucks PS4
    400 K = $43.93
  • NHL 15 Pucks PS4
    500 K = $54.79
  • NHL 15 Pucks PS4
    600 K = $65.62
  • NHL 15 Pucks PS4
    700 K = $76.41
  • NHL 15 Pucks PS4
    800 K = $87.15
  • NHL 15 Pucks PS4
    900 K = $97.85
  • NHL 15 Pucks PS4
    1000 K = $108.50
  • NHL 15 Pucks PS4
    2000 K = $216.57
Tips Of NHL 15 Pucks On PS4  Delivery:
1.) You Need List An Player That You Want To Sell In The Transfer List, 
2.) Fill In The 100% Correct Player Details In The Order Form,
3.) Go To Pay.
4.) After You Paid, We Will Buy Your Player, And You Will Get Your Pucks.
5.) The 5% Transaction Fee That Is Charged By EA Is To Be Borne By You.

How To List An Player Of NHL 15 Pucks On PS4 :
Please List An Player In The Transfer List Before You Place An Order:
1. Choose a Player From Your Squad
2. Put The Player On The Transfer List
3. Click On “Available Objects” In The Transfer List And Choose The Player
4. The Starting Price Is Freely Selectable (Default Is 150)
5. Set The Buy Now Price = You Order Pucks Price
6. Set The Transfer Duration = 3 Days
7. Click On Offer
How To Buy And Receive NHL 15 Pucks On PS4 ?
Buying Pucks You Need To List a Player In Transfer Market As Below:
> Login Your Hut
> Choose a Player From Your Squad
> Click "Club " Then Click "Players"
> Choose a Card(Silver Or Gold Card)
> Click "Quick Auction" Then Set Buy Now Price = You Order Pucks Price
> Type Down The Info Of That Card In Your Order Details
> Finally Click "Okay", Then Your Player Will Up In The Transfer Market
> We Will Find It Out And Buy, Then You Get Pucks.

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NHL 15 Pucks Delivery Notice And Disclaimer:
(1) Normally , We Would Only Buy Every Player According To Your Player Details In Your Order Forms.Once We Have Bought The Player, We Have Saved All The Delivery And Transaction Screenshots/Evidences. Then Your Order Is Completed. 
(2) Every Buyer Please Fill In Correct Player Details Before Pay! Our Website Is Not Responsible For All Of The Reasons Because Of Buyer's Incorrect Player Details.If Happens, Buyer Should Take All The Responsibility Himself/Herself.
(3) If Not Received The PUCKS After 6 Hours, We Suggest You Please Login Member To Track Your Order Status.Or You Please Check Your Inbox And Spam Box Quickly Whether You Have Received Email From Our support@Futvip.Com Or You Can Also Send 1 Email Asking Us Why You Not Received Your Pucks.